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Free Whole Life Journal

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from your true purpose? Do you want to live a life that's balanced, harmonious, and aligned with your values? If so, the Whole Life Journal is the tool you've been searching for!

The Whole Life Journal is a system that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals while improving your overall health and wellbeing. It includes a Wellness Wheel Tool that assesses your current state of balance across eight dimensions of wellness, such as physical, emotional, social, mental, spiritual, environmental, community, and personal. You'll also find guided reflections that encourage you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and identify areas for growth and improvement.

If you're ready to transform your life with the Whole Life Journal, sign up now and receive a FREE journal that you can either download and use as a fillable pdf, or print out for more traditional journaling.  Don't miss this opportunity to live your best life!


Transform Your Life by Reconnecting with Your Values and Purpose

By using the Whole Life Journal, you'll learn:


By using the Wellness Wheel tool, you can identify which areas of your life may be lacking in attention and prioritize them for improvement.


By recognizing these obstacles, you can develop strategies for overcoming them and creating a more positive and fulfilling life.


Guided reflections help you  identify your values, passions, and goals, and then create a personalized roadmap for success and happiness


By using the Whole Life Journal consistently over time, you can track your progress towards your goals and celebrate your achievements.

"I can't thank Dr. Ring enough for the transformational impact she's had on my life. When I first met her, I was feeling burnt out, stressed, and disconnected from my purpose. I had been struggling with chronic health issues for years, and felt like I was just going through the motions each day without any real sense of fulfillment.

But working with Dr. Ring was a game-changer. She introduced me to the concept of whole-life wellness and guided me through a process of self-reflection and goal-setting that helped me identify my values, passions, and goals.

Dr. Ring not only helped me through labs investigations and out-of-the box options that I didn't get from my regular doctor, she also helped me recognize the negative patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs that were holding me cultivate positive habits and attitudes that have made a huge difference in my overall well-being."

 -Dr. Ring patient feedback

A Note from Dr. Melinda Ring...

Dear Friends,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a wellness guide based on tools that have been game-changing in my own life. This guide is filled with tools and reflections designed to help you assess your level of balance across different areas of your life, identify your values and goals, and create a roadmap for achieving greater harmony and fulfillment.

The reason I decided to share this guide with you is because I truly believe that it has the power to transform lives. For years, I struggled with feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from my purpose. I was so focused on my career that I neglected my personal relationships and hobbies, and my mental health suffered as a result. I felt like I was just going through the motions each day without any real sense of purpose or direction.

But when I started checking in and making sure I was attending to all the spheres of my life, everything changed. I was able to identify the areas of my life that needed attention, and create a plan for achieving greater balance and fulfillment.  And over time, I saw my health, happiness, and overall well-being improve in ways I never thought possible.

I know that many of you may be struggling with similar issues, whether it's feeling unfulfilled in your career, struggling with stress and burnout, or just feeling like you're not living up to your full potential. That's why I wanted to share the Whole Life Journal with you - because I truly believe that it can help you overcome these obstacles and live your best life. It's a small investment in time that can yield huge dividends, and I promise you won't regret it.

Cheers to your healthy and happy future,

-Dr. Melinda Ring

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